More Than A #Facebook Post

Giving away a little depth here.

I am not merely the smile on the beach you see in my post. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and breathe in many cultures, true. I’ve held high profile career positions that rubbed shoulders with celebrities and leadership lessons direct from Mr. Trump, experienced. I have a gorgeous wife and beautiful daughters, grateful. My family is rock solid, spiritual, and non-stop love and support, blessed. BUT, here’s what the posts don’t show…

My battle with depression/addictions brought me to my knees. My twenties were lived in the 5th gear of self indulgence, instant gratification via self destruction. I embraced lifes’ party like tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed.

My relationships were rocky, my circle of trust full of dents. I couldn’t embrace others truly, because I couldn’t embrace myself.

My thirtieth birthday was my wake up to life. You see, I blew out my candles from a hospital bed, my life needed detox and my heart was nearly dead. It is quite surreal to hear Doctors convince your health insurance that their clients’ heart needs more than a three day cleanse. I CHOSE a new direction, rehab I went, embraced life sobriety with all my grip, recovery.

My thirties have been ruled by self development and personal growth. I’ve invested thousands of hours challenging my better self to grow.  Books, seminars, podcasts, whatever I can digest. Loving my family in ways I’ve failed before. Taking full responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions so my future can truly be limitless.

You see, the trials keep coming. Failed business venture, debt stacked on end. Sleepless nights wondering how deadlines will be met, bills will be cleared. Health scares pop up from battles long fought. Trusting that two jobs & deferred gratification will persevere.

We must keep moving folks. I attest the positives my life gives me, to my drive to never stop moving FORWARD! Embrace the same, and call me if you get stuck!

So remember this next time you ‘like’ my ‘share’. I am far more than my Facebook posts, and so are you! I may not know what you are going through, but you are human, so my guess is it’s a lot of trial and error.

Kind Regards,

John J Keul



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